Repairs & Restringing

    Do you have jewelry in need of repair?

    Bring in your pieces and we will supply you with the tools to fix them yourself, or you can opt
    to have us repair them for you! (Please note: we do not offer metal soldering services.)

    We have been successfully repairing jewelry for 30 years and have seen a wide variety of
    pieces from the most basic bead restringing to the most intricate and unique jewelry pieces.
    Oftentimes, we handle the simplest repairs in the same day. However, more complex repairs
    may take additional time.  Bring in your items and we will provide you with a free estimate.

    We are confident you will be pleased with the quality repair service we provide.
    Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our restringing/repair service.

    We specialize in complex beaded jewelry repair.
    Scroll down to read our “Mission Possible” jewelry repair story from May 2012...


    After months of difficulty finding a reliable
    source to repair her bracelets, Caitlyn
    received a recommendation to come to
    our shop and see if we could help. On May
    31, 2012, Caitlyn visited us and presented
    two similar bracelets, each one requiring
    different types of repairs.
    (See “before” photos to the right.)

    The Mission:
    Bracelet #1:
     Splice and restring the broken
    section and replace beads as needed. 

    Bracelet #2: “Reverse engineer” the entire
    bracelet and determine the pattern, restring
    the bracelet, replace beads as needed, and
    replace the magnet clasp with a new clasp.

    One word: SUCCESS!! 
    (See “after” photos below.)

Bracelet #1 (after)

Bracelet #1 (before)

Bracelet #2 (before)

Bracelet #2 (after)

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